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Christina Gallagher Stalked – Latest Attack

The following was released in November 2013 by the Directors of the House of Prayer, Achill & The People who go there – to yet again expose the lies published about Christina Gallagher by the Sunday World:The Latest Attack
on Christina Gallagher
by the Sunday World

Jim Gallagher, the stalker, who put Christina’s life in danger already by publishing an image of a rifle-sight on her head with the provocative pun and revealing motive in the caption as much as to say “View to… ” has resumed his stalking tactics to terrorise once again and put her life in grave danger.
On Sunday November 3rd the Sunday World resumed their scurrilous and defamatory attacks on Christina Gallagher with their so-called ‘exclusive’. Once again they seem intent on incitement to contempt and hatred towards Mrs Gallagher.
As has been the case over the past seven years, this latest article is a tissue of misleading information and lies.


Mrs Gallagher owns only one house. It is because she was forced by this kind of media harassment that she had to leave her previous residences. She was first driven from her house at Newport (which she had purchased with the royalties from her own books and tapes with her personal money.) A man from the US hired a film crew from the UK and broke into her private property to film. When confronted by the Gardai this crew lied saying they had sent their film on ahead to an address in Dublin which was a bogus address discovered by the Guards. Instead the tape is believed to have been taken back to the US by those involved.

As a result of this outrageous invasion of privacy, we, the people, felt it necessary to put in place a protection for her. We did this freely and knowingly and we legally declared so in writing. This house acquired by her in Malahide suffered similar invasions of privacy through the relentless Sunday World campaign having a photographer fly over the house as related by Jim Gallagher himself and then printing a full page picture of the property. This not only brought a further procession of tantalising stalkers to the house but also rendered Mrs Gallagher’s life and safety at great risk by suggesting falsely that she had antiques and possibly cash in the house. She has neither and, in fact, hates antiques. The campaign of hatred has been ruthless in turning Mrs Gallagher into a ready target for any gullible reader or hearer of this despicable material.

Incitement to Hatred. Endangerment of Life

The proof of this was clearly evidenced by the arrival at the House of Prayer of individuals – some of them in a disturbed state – who kicked in a panel of the door during a night vigil shouting dangerous threats, uttering obscenities against Mrs Gallagher and referring to the Sunday World and TV3. At this point she found it necessary to write to the Garda Commissioner, providing full details.
Lies even appeared in some of these articles wrongly asserting that Mrs Gallagher had requested cash for the houses of prayer in the US to be sent to her personally. This is a total falsehood. Those houses are vested in trusts in the US and have no benefit for Mrs Gallagher or anyone else and have no financial connection with Ireland.

When her protection in Malahide was destroyed by the Sunday World we, the people, decided to act.
Her intention had always been to give that house in Malahide to the House of Prayer after her death but because of the present needs of the House of Prayer in outstanding bills and maintaining its upkeep, Christina decided to sell the Malahide house now, to help the House of Prayer right away.


We, the people, horrified that such an outrage could be permitted as to depict her within a rifle-sight and thus endanger her life and also seeing for ourselves the entire wrongdoings and the campaign of falsity, we then took the initiative to put together the means to obtain a property of her choice in order to remove her from the increasing danger and give her a little peace of mind. Christina then went to a country area in the UK at the back of a little village and procured a house with the finances thus provided. But alas not for long. Her stalker, Mr Gallagher reappeared, and caused yet again danger to her life and safety by spreading his poison in the neighbourhood of that house, blackening her character.

Mrs Gallagher sold the house in the UK and returned to Malahide to be further mocked and endure the ongoing campaign. The money from the sale of the house in the UK was able to be used for the house that is most recently attacked and on November 3rd, placed on the headlines. Mrs Gallagher is not therefore the owner of “a portfolio of houses“ in Ireland or the USA nor has the ownership of her family home ever come into question because Christina has neither been separated nor divorced from her husband. This is another of the lies perpetrated by that newspaper previously and repeated again in their latest article, as is the claim about a house in the town of Ballina, which belongs to Brendan Gallagher where he lives with his wife and children.

One of the major questions about this entire campaign of harassment and intimidation we have to ask is who can be backing all of this and paying for the constant repeating – not only in the Sunday World – of lies and falsity but also on TV3, E3 and Dialogue Ireland allegedly about cults. Who is backing this campaign for seven years against an innocent person who has tried only to pass on what she has received to believers, many of whom have enormously benefited from what they have received.

Many many were ‘at death’s door‘ but were totally healed. Not only those given up to die have been brought back and healed but countless individuals have been converted with over 700 healing testimonies on record. Yet not one of these was ever related in the Sunday World or on TV3, although they are upheld by the testimony of medical consultants. The only purpose of theSunday World and TV3 appears to be to endanger or destroy.

Relentless Campaign

Another obvious question is why any television channel would find it worthwhile to keep continually repeating the same programme over and over, in an unprecedented way? In the space of one year the TV3 programme has been repeated on that channel or on E3 up to a dozen times, for no apparent reason other than to damage Mrs Gallagher and the House of Prayer. Since the most popular programmes are never repeated like this, we have to question who has been paying for this senseless repetition month after month?


We, the people who visit the House of Prayer, are highly insulted at the ineptitude of the use of the word ‘cult’ . The House of Prayer and the devotions there could never be considered a cult as only the regular prayers of the Catholic Church are prayed there by believers, and are the same as what takes place in churches everywhere. Furthermore, we the people go there freely and voluntarily, and to suggest that we are gullible or under some kind of influence is utterly false and absolutely wrong.

The book by the same Sunday World writer about Christina Gallagher was produced without his ever meeting or speaking with Christina Gallagher or with any members of her family, and the entire contents were based on falsehoods – a book of fiction and deception which is proven by a number of letters which we hold from Mrs Gallagher’s family members… they, too, are horrified by the enormous deception of lies.

Sadly, long before the sustained newspaper and media attacks began, a great deal of misunderstanding was permitted to come about following the removal of the Sacraments from the House of Prayer in Achill in 1998 and also through failure to acknowledge evidence of the supernatural at work there. We understand that thirteen years ago a full account of the most remarkable medically investigated healings reached the local archbishop but there was no change in the situation. The removal of the Sacraments provided an open door to hostile individuals to behave in this manner. Sadly, we the people see the grave injustice as we witness the failing health of Mrs Gallagher due to all this. There is a law for bullying and harassment. Why isn’t there as law for Mrs Gallagher? Even though she is cruelly setup as a marked person, as well as being bullied and harassed, there doesn’t seem to be a law for her. Where are people who are subjected to such wanton media attacks supposed to go in order to gain some protection? Can media people write what they like or say what they like without being called to account? When we last sought balance and fairness in discussions with TV3 about our participation in a programme they wouldn’t grant the conditions we requested. As of now we would not trust them. There is no other word for it than ‘trial by media’.

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I WAS CURED OF CANCER IN ACHILL HOUSE OF PRAYER – Reported in the The Daily Mirror (London, England) August 24, 2002

The following article by Elaine Edwards was published in the Daily Mirror in England on August 24th 2002

Kathleen O'Sullivan at the House of Prayer Achill giving witness to her cure from pancreatic cancer

Kathleen O’Sullivan at the House of Prayer Achill giving witness to her cure from pancreatic cancer through the prayers of Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity

A WOMAN doctors said was dying of cancer told for the first time yesterday how a visit to the House of Prayer Achill cured her. Kathleen O’Sullivan believed she had only weeks to live when she went to see Christina Gallagher on Achill Island off Co Mayo. She had a tumour on her pancreas and doctors told her she was going to die. But the cancer disappeared after her visit to the island.

And a doctor, Michael Anketell, who has examined Kathleen’s medical records has hailed her recovery a “miracle”. Mother-of-six Kathleen from Listowel, Co Kerry, had wasted away to five stone when she made the trip in June 1997 shortly after she was diagnosed. She said:  “I was extremely ill with only weeks to live but I decided to go with my husband Donal to Achill.”I was so sick it took us three days to make the journey. I had to lie in the back of the car covered in a duvet. I was extremely weak and could hardly walk. Christina Gallagher, who runs the House of Prayer, put out her hands and hugged me, then a priest blessed me. I had never met her before that. I left Achill that day and felt a great sense of peace.”

She said her health improved rapidly after the visit and she knew the cancer was disappearing.

A year later, cancer consultant Dr Anketell rang her because he wanted to bring his mother to Achill. He said he was sceptical about her story, but got permission to access her medical records. He was astonished when he saw the result of a new scan which he said showed no traces of cancer. Dr Anketell is investigating the cases of three other patients who claim they were healed at the House of Prayer.  Kathleen said: “I’m speaking out to give hope to others who are suffering and to highlight the fact that the House of Prayer in Achill is a place of peace and hope.”The Daily Mirror contacted the House of Prayer yesterday to ask Christina Gallagher about the “miracle”. But a spokeswoman said: “Ms Gallagher does not come to the phone. If she did she would be here all day.”More than 5,000 people flocked to the House of Prayer last month for a day of prayer after Gallagher predicted a special vision. They believed they would see an apparition of the Virgin, but instead were given a message that the world was filled with evil and sin. People claiming miracle cures addressed the crowd, with one woman claiming her unborn baby had been pronounced dead but had come back to life after her visit.A statement from Ms Gallagher was read over loudspeakers by a female assistant. The crowd was told: “Many calamities are on the way to  purify  the stench of sin and evil from the world. Storms will affect many in the world. Storms such as the world has not seen. You must be vigilant in prayer. I will be close to each one of you who has responded to my invitation. I will always be close to your hearts. You will have great upheavals in the world. The restlessness in the world will increase each day through the work of the evil one.” [from messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace]Extra Gardai were drafted in to control the flow of visitors’ cars from all over Ireland and abroad.Kathleen, who now enjoys full health, runs a B&B with her husband.

House of Prayer Achill; Response to Media Misrepresentation of Christina Gallagher, Fr McGinnity and the House of Prayer Achill

The House of Prayer Achill released a statement following the first showing of TV3’s Midweek ‘Cult’ Programme on 26th September 2011. The programme has been repeated on TV3 many times since! Here is the House of Prayer’s statement;

TV3’s Midweek Programme; the Usual Exercise of Propaganda and Dishonesty Against the House of Prayer Achill

This report is to place on record the facts from the side of spokespersons for The House of Prayer Achill regarding the efforts they made to fully and openly engage with TV3 during the days before the programme was scheduled for broadcast. We are not in the least surprised that TV3 finally declined our offer and availability and at the last moment cynically refused to include any participation from our side in the programme.

Naturally, as we sought to engage responsibly, it was felt prudent to include legal advice since we were dealing with an entity that employs the underhand tactics of hidden cameras and microphones as well as deception and lies”, when none of such was necessary.

Senior spokespersons for The House of Prayer Achill, working in contact with Christina Gallaghe and Fr McGinnity, continually and sincerely sought to reach agreement with TV3’s production and legal team from 23rd Sept through the weekend following , offering to meaningfully participate and in advance of the programme to fully address all questions etc. from the TV3 team. Spokespersons for the House of Prayer Achill were left for a period of 22 hours waiting for TV3 response.

All these efforts were finally in vain when after several delaying tactics, TV3 finally declined to agree the reasonable terms and conditions we sought, including being shown any finally edited material prior to broadcast, and the assurance that material given from our side would not be tampered with prior to the broadcast.

As already stated, we are not surprised that TV3 could not allow fairness and balance into what was just another black-propaganda exercise…and after all, when was Christina Gallagher or spokespersons for The House of Prayer Achill EVER given the slightest level of fairness and honesty in what has been a vile media campaign of insults, vilification, mockery and lies now well into its 5th year?

In hindsight it is clear that TV3 never intended to allow the truth to be represented by inclusion of statements from our side. Such was the nature of the pathetic programme, any such inputs would have totally contradicted and derailed their cheap efforts to represent lies and sensation.

However, although expected, it was nevertheless sad to see a national TV channel descend to the depths of a gutter tabloid ….remarking, as they did, “We can do what we like because we have the licence” which is reminiscent of the words of Michael McCrory, (the instigator of the campaign against Christina Gallagher) as he described the Sunday World…“ a tabloid newspaper of ill-repute, willing to publish lies, and not concerned about proof”…(M.McCrory, March 2007).

We will comment further upon the damage and danger caused by the incitement to hatred and the effect this has had upon Christina’s life.

Questions & Issues

QUESTIONS and ISSUES which would have been dealt with had TV3 permitted participation by the spokespersons for The House of Prayer Achill:

  • It would have been clearly stated that Christina Gallagher NEVER was involved in “fortune-telling”, and it would have challenged those faceless accusers to come out in the open with any evidence or proof of such.

  • She is NOT a “healer”; she has NEVER claimed to have healed anyone but through Our Lady’s intercession, many have been healed when Christina Gallagher prayed with them -only to prove the authenticity of her work and mission.

  • How the allegation of wealth and ownership of multiple properties is totally false, explaining again the total separation of the Houses of Prayer in USA and Mexico, put in place by the free choice of the people there and are in a Charitable Trust in which Christina Gallagher has no responsibility and from which she has never benefited.

  • It would have been explained how there were names of some people from Ireland registered there at the outset to allow the efforts in the USA become established and only until the relevant individuals with the required skills were put in place, at which point all Irish resigned, and it would have been shown that none of those ever received any fees or benefits for their temporary and necessary roles.

  • How regarding other properties, and despite the facts being many times explained publicly, the media persists in its false reports…for example how the house in Malahide, so much publicised and exaggerated, was provided for Christina Gallagher to be a place of safety and refuge for her when she was hounded by media at her home in Knockmore peering into and photographing her very bedroom trying to make cheap ornaments appear expensive! and how the house in Malahide is now also seriously needed to ensure she is close to hospitals due to her state of health and many illnesses.

  • How the modest home near Newport Co Mayo was acquired by Christina Gallaghersolely funded by royalties from sales of her own books.How later , when she sold that house, she donated -as she was entitled to do- the proceeds of the sale to her daughter who then bought a home near Ballina which has also been crudely targeted.

    Indeed, not only Christina’s daughter, but also her son and husband were the victims of vilification and invasion of privacy… Brendan’s house also being stalked by the The Sunday World which sought to question his ability to purchase such without receiving his mother’s help….DESPITE the fact that he is part of a successful plumbing company which he shares with his father. Those crude, immoral comments by the Sunday World sought to damage Brendan’s reputation and put his livelihood at risk, but also displayed the vile nature of the that so-called “journalist” striving to cause pain and distress to all the innocent members of Christina Gallagher’s family.

    And lastly, when Christina’s privacy and safety in Malahide were destroyed, and her life was being threatened, how the Fraternity decided to provide Christina Gallagher with a fund to enable her to procure an alternative home in safety and privacy, doing this in a completely transparent and legal way with every donation being formally signed off for that purpose and most specifically for Christina Gallagherto use as necessary, which explains the house in the UK.

  • How her very life has been endangered, and threats received arising from the defamation and vilification published by the Sunday World newspaper.

  • How The House of Prayer Achill is NOT a cult and how totally the prayers and devotions which take place there are in absolute conformity with the Catholic Church.

  • It would have been emphasised how those people who attend The House of Prayer Achill are dedicated Catholics, active in their own parishes and are a most joyful and relaxed mixture of people of all ages and professions. In particular it would have been stressed how the utter freedom and relaxation surrounding these people resoundingly demonstrates the complete absence of any features remotely reminiscent of ‘cult’! and, furthermore, how unaffected most of these people are from the fears and worries that are sweeping through the whole world as society disintegrates (as Christina Gallagher already prophesied in the currency breakdown, the stockmarket collapse and the formation of the one-world bank -all now taking shape)

  • How Christina Gallagher’s work as a victim soul began, how she has been chosen to deliver God’s message, the special gifts she has been endowed with by The Holy Spirit including the gift of prophecy.

  • How Christina Gallagher’s messages to the world have been upheld by many miracles and how, through the intercession of Our Blessed Lady at The House of Prayer Achill, over 700 testimonies of healings, conversions, vocations, and blessings of every kind have been received by people from Ireland and many other countries, to uphold the reality of Christina’s mission.

What a wonderful opportunity for TV3 to at least begin to tell the incredibly painful, but massively uplifting story of Christina Gallagher’s life and just for once, to allow a little bit of truth and fact to be reported about Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill and the very special Blessing and Graces which are to be found there by those who go there with a sincere heart.

It has been almost laughable that TV3 would conclude their botched programme giving the impression that there would be a “later programme produced involving participation from The House of Prayer Achill.”

In light of how they have performed by disallowing us to participate and by the slander they permitted to be broadcast, we could not now have trust in them or encouragement to go forward -as we had been prepared to do.

How could any sincere party ever be expected to re-engage with an entity which seems lacking in values and whose only tools are deception, the use of nameless/faceless detractors, the inclusion of self proclaimed “arch-foes” of The House of Prayer Achill and the shameless repetition of the Sunday World’s lies, defamation and slander?

Many horrific, slanderous and libellous allegations have been made against Christina Gallagher without a shred of evidence or proof. We would be interested if the people making such accusations were brought to us – to investigate where these accusations are coming from…

Not alone is it painful to know the depth of these offenses – in fact, it is a crime punishable in law and where formal counter action does have to be taken. It is distressing that such very serious criminal accusations are made based on rumour or hearsay. When confronted they personally WILL have to provide solid proof or face the consequences. It is more distressing to see the purveyors of such accusations pretend to have also religious motives.

Concerning the House of Prayer Achill

Also we would like to restate a few matters concerning The House of Prayer Achill itself.
The House is open every day to visitors and for people wishing to spend some quiet time in prayer or participate in the daily prayers recited there.
It is open to EVERYONE.

The affairs and accounts of The House of Prayer Achill are totally separate from any personality and have always been properly administered and transparent to Dept of Revenue etc.

At the House of Prayer Achill, helpers, volunteers, directors, advisors etc come and go of their own free will…just as the normal dynamics of such in any well-run operation.

The House exists and is funded from the sale of religious articles and from donations received. There is no membership and no collections have ever been taken up in the Chapel.

Coaches arrive with pilgrims to attend the Saturday Novena at the House of Prayer Achill

Christina Gallagher and her spiritual director Fr Gerard McGinnity?

It would seem clear that the active enemies of The House of Prayer Achill are very small in number. With the exception of 5 individuals, the few others have always sought to be nameless and faceless…and the publications by The Sunday World and Michael Garde would always be to give each of these multiple identities to create an impression of “many”.

A key tactic is increasingly to vilify and destroy the character of Fr McGinnity. This consists of stalking, mockery and defamation, spread by an individual (M.Garde) described by TV3 as a ‘so called’ cult expert (!), who is not himself a Catholic, yet wishes to portray his efforts as “protecting” the Catholic Church. His obnoxious comments mock the prayers of our faith and the sacramentals we hold so dear. He tries to create scenarios of division and disobedience where none exists. His latest ploys are to ridicule the content of messages given to Christina, yet those messages which we see being fulfilled on a daily basis are -as occurred in Fatima, Pontmain, Banneux, La Salette and other places – the warning of future events given us by Our Lady.

Even in the days when The Soviet Republic and Communism dominated much of Europe and the world from 1917-1990, the newspapers there had decency and standards that would put The Sunday World to shame.

Need we say more?


We say to those of you, from any part of the world, who read this true account of the campaign of vilification and injustice being shamelessly waged against Christina Gallagher and her mission, and the resulting danger to her life which it brings…we would be grateful for your opinions and efforts to enable us deal appropriately with it….Or do we have to wait until she is killed before any relevant justice authority investigates? Any fair-minded person can see the wrongdoing and the dangers ensuing, but no-one is seen to take any appropriate steps to confront such naked hatred and incitement which is against the laws of every civilised society and makes a farce of the Irish Constitution which states “every citizen is entitled to their good name and to their religious beliefs”.

Even among pagans and savages, one finds compassion, gentleness, honesty, decency and truthfulness.

The only traits we can identify in the tactics, publications and character of those seeking to destroy Christina Gallagher are mockery, lies, falsehood, coldness, lack of compassion, disregard for truth, ego and an insatiable hatred with lust to cause any level of pain at any price.

Such seems to be what the Sunday World desires…while Michael Garde and Jim Gallagher of the Sunday World follow gleefully.

It is regrettable that some unsuspecting Catholic schools permit…and even pay (!) Michael Garde to be allowed to address vulnerable youngsters and to peddle his misconceptions and prejudices. He is supported by a charitable trust, yet invites funds while also charging a fee to address classes of schoolchildren.

Perhaps some influential body may review this practice given the individual’s crude tactics and lack of credentials.

His inability to make the most basic distinction between a cult and the prayers of the Catholic Church says it all.

Despite the attacks of Jim Gallagher and Michael Garde via the Sunday World and despite the efforts of the tv3 programme, Saturday October 1 was a day of tremendous joy at the House of Prayer which was filled to capacity together with the surrounding areas. Several hundred young people from all over Ireland including many hundreds of people who attend weekly gathered to celebrate a most inspiring Day for Youth. The propaganda failed to inflict the damage its perpetrators intended but it only proves the strength of the Hand of God which is greater than the lies and deception traded through the tabloid attacks.

Attack on Fr McGinnity

As for the despicable attack on Fr McGinnity, we would point out that to recognise it for what it is -contrived, envious and malicious- one has only to recall his heroic stance as a ‘whistleblower’ to the inner Church authority while in the prestigious post of Senior Dean of the National Seminary, Maynooth. As a doctor of theology, spiritual author and well-known retreat director for priests and religious he was responsible for priestly formation there. His courageous approach to the bishops to ensure protection for seminarians who reported concerns to him in relation to another member of staff, were met with his dismissal from the prominent position he held and his being sent off to a remote assignment- a punitive manoeuvre which carried a loss of reputation. Meanwhile the staff-member reported was promoted by the bishops as president and a short time later resigned through having to make a financial settlement with a young student (in an arrangement not admitting liability).

The outrageous treatment inflicted upon Fr McGinnity by Church authority became widespread knowledge through The Ferns Inquiry and its subsequent report. However, as came out in all the newspapers, his demotion and humiliation by the Church did not end there. Not only did he receive no apology for the destruction of his life by the bishops’ action but the humiliation actually persisted -even seeking, fifteen years subsequently, to obstruct his appointment as parish priest and have him assigned, if possible, at the level of curate. This endeavour did not succeed. Yet the demotion of Fr McGinnity within the Church together with the attacks permitted outside the Church sadly indicate that the Church has done nothing to uphold him.

The resentment such a good man continues to face now -in this case from a handful of belligerent laity- surely only proves his holiness at a greater level. Those who ever see him in the depths of prayer and Mass can recognise this reality. If those who slander him knew even the first thing about spirituality, they would recognise his holiness. Two members of his family have been healed of cancer through the mission of Christina Gallagher. When the authority of such a person as Fr McGinnity is questioned and resented, despite a lifetime of endurance for upholding truth so powerfully to the bishops of the Church- a truth subsequently authenticated and confirmed by the state enquiry – it raises interesting questions about what is driving this attack.

Attack Upon the Spiritual Mission

In regard to the matter of attacks upon spiritual missions, research remarkably shows that the more powerful the work, the greater the attack. Studying the lives of the mystics who lived throughout the centuries of Church history, I have been invariably struck by this fact that the more significant the work given them to accomplish, the more extreme the attack upon it and upon them. Even to refer to some out of such a large number, we find such remarkable resemblances to the gratuitous attacks upon Christina…

In Cathleen Medwick’s well-known biography (1999) entitled Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul , we read that when Teresa of Avila was pressing onwith the establishment of the houses of her foundation in Spain, she had left Villanueva after working hard to transform a hermitage into something resembling a convent and with her companions was passing through a small town where they stopped to visit the church. Teresa’s fame had gone before her -but not the truth about her, rather a poisonous defamation of her character. The townspeople were incited to hatred: they were outraged that she presumed to enter their church and they were becoming increasingly violent when Antonio (one of the men who was helping her) fended them off, allowing Teresa to reach her coach. Soon after she arrived at Toledo on that journey, she became seriously ill.

When Pope Benedict was canonising Mary McKillop in Rome on October 17, 2010, how many people realised that during her earthly lifetime, as she went about establishing the houses for her mission in Australia, she was actually excommunicated by Bishop Sheil of Adelaide on September 22, 1871? In his biography Blessed Mary MacKillop A Woman Before Her Time, a priest of the diocese of Adelaide, Fr.Modystack wrote in 1982, “It was sad that the sick Bishop had had his mind so poisoned by the malicious tongues of those who were supposed to be loyal, honest people that he should have reacted so unreasonably towards the Sisters” (page 62) (He accused her of disobedience when she could not accept his making himself superior and changing their rule as he chose. She was canonically entitled not to accept this imposition but he wronged her and expelled 43 sisters from his diocese when they chose not to accept the imposition. The following year, on his death-bed the bishop repented and withdrew the excommunication.). In his preface to the biography Archbishop James Gleeson of Adelaide remarks of his predecessors in that era (ie. bishop and priest-advisors), “It is even more difficult for us to understand how they could seemingly be so unjust and outrageous in their judgements and actions towards Mary MacKillop…

In his biography of Padre Pio (Padre Pio – Man of Hope, 2000, p.93) , Renzo Allegri remarks, “There is no doubt that Padre Pio suffered persecution during his entire life. He was defamed by vulgar accusations and accused of being a vile swindler. He died wihout ever having been officially rehabilitated.” He goes on to quote a homily of Cardinal Giacomo Lecaro commemorating Padre Pio after he had died. The Cardinal said, “Padre Pio’s resemblance to Christ shines out mainly in his suffering… In times of intense persecution (his world) was like the world of a prisoner… His life was a passion and the similarities to the suffering of our Saviour are all too evident, beginning with the unbelief and persecution of those who could have and should have been able to understand. Unfortunately, these poor souls, who felt threatened by such a pure and holy man, found a ready audience when they denounced the humble monk as a hypocritical exhibitionist, and denounced the charismatic gifts that evoked so much faith from his followers as deceptive and fraudulent.”

At least Christina, as she is subjected to the same vituperative treatment, is ‘in good company’, although she would never dream of considering herself worthy of sharing his rank.

Biographers of John Vianney such as Fr. Francis Trochu in his The Cure D’ARS when describing how he too was unjustly persecuted by way of slander and false accusation, notes how the works used to draw back souls in the greatest danger are sometimes “allowed by God to become victims of the vilest calumnies”. He describes how “John Vianney’s front door was splashed with dirt and night after night, under his windows stood a miserable creature insulting and reproaching him as if he had been guilty of leading a disorderly life. Apparently, he was to be spared no humiliation, no anguish of mind. Anonymous letters, full of venom were sent to his bishop… Not surprising that towards the end of his life, he one day remarked, ‘If on my arrival at Ars I had foreseen all that I was to suffer there, I would have died on the spot!'”

In Conclusion

God cannot bring about enormous miracles such as giving back life to a child medically certified dead in the womb,healing cancer of the pancreas, thyroid gland, liver,stomach,bladder,lung,breast,tongue and mouth, leukemia,rheumatoid arthritis, brain tumor, brain haemmorage, brain death, heart failure, multiple sclerosis, blindness, chronic asthma and countless other conditions leading to over 700 testimonies, including psychiatric and nevous healings, conversions, vocations to religious life and priesthood drawing such abundant fruitfuless from a tree that is not good! As Jesus says in the Gospel, “A bad tree cannot produce good fruit and a good tree cannot produce bad fruit. By their fruits you shall know them”.

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