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‘New’ Fatima Message Links to Christina Gallagher Warnings


On a regular basis, for more than a quarter of a century, the content of the prophetic messages from Our Lady and Jesus, received by Christina Gallagher, have been treated dismissively or greeted with incredulity by many people, on the basis that they are too ‘apocalyptic’ even to consider, with too much “gloom and doom”.

Now, however, startling new and additional information has emerged about apocalyptic revelations given to the surviving Fatima seer, Sr. Lúcia dos Santos. And this makes it clear that not only was Sr. Lúcia shown scenes of unprecedented destruction and death, and world purification, but also that, even in the words she heard and terms used, what Christina Gallagher has been given since 1988, matches closely what the Fatima seer received over seven decades ago.

Until recently, not even those keenly interested in Fatima were aware of this, but an authoritative new book, based among other sources, on public and private documents of Sr. Lúcia, throws new light on it.  The new information also offers indications that the strong, urgent messages the Irish visionary has received, amount to a final warning from Heaven to mankind of what is now imminent, and in fact, amplify the previously unknown prophetic revelations to Sr. Lúcia in 1944.  It also serves to prove that perhaps the biggest reason why Christina Gallagher has suffered such persecution and rejection since 1988, is because the messages to her reveal too much of God’s Truth. How many times has Christina been told by Jesus that those attacking her are instruments being used by the evil one, because of the Truth she carries?  Every possible type of side issue and ‘red herring’ has been produced over twenty seven years in efforts to undermine and destroy the credibility of the visionary and the heavenly messages she has propagated. In the past decade particularly, unjust and orchestrated attacks on her good name and character have been unprecedented, and have taken a serious toll on her health and well being.

Our Lady’s appearances at Fatima are accepted by the Church, and the basic message is known worldwide, yet despite indisputable heavenly signs, the failure to believe and act upon the Fatima message brought disastrous consequences. Now it comes to light that in the midst of World War 2, on 3 January, 1944, Sr. Lúcia was shown frightening scenes of destruction and disaster and the loss of countless human lives in unprecedented natural disasters.

Recall, how in August, 1931, at Rianso in Spain, when Jesus appeared to Sr. Lúcia, he made known His displeasure at the failure of His “ministers” to obey God’s command that Russia be consecrated by the Pope and bishops to the Immaculate Heart? And how He told her: “Make it known to My ministers that it has been given to them that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My Command, and that they will follow him into misfortune.”
It was Christ, through St. Margaret Mary, who had told the King of France, Louis XVI, to consecrate France to His Sacred Heart, but the King failed to act in time. He tried when in prison – but found it was too late, and lost his head in 1793.

When Our Lady first appeared to Christina Gallagher, in early 1988, she immediately made two things clear to the Irish visionary. First, that she wanted the Irish people to be her messengers for the rest of the world, in the urgent mission for souls. And she was warning that there was little time; that God’s hand was soon to come over the Earth in justice.

Just a month after the first apparition, on 22 February 1988, Our Lady said: “I hold Ireland in the palm of my hands. I am the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. I want them to act on my message for Ireland. It is urgent. Please do not waste any more time. The cup is overflowing….”

Sadly, despite the best efforts of Christina and of her spiritual director Fr. McGinnity in the years following, it became clear that few Irish people were prepared to heed those words. “My children do not want to know me. I beg them, please come back while there is still time,” Our Lady pleaded, just months after her first appearance, even as she told Christina: “My child, the Purification will come.” How could we ever say, as we suffer the unfortunate consequences, that we have not been warned, time and time again?


The new book, recently published in English, A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary, is a fine biographical work written by the Carmelite Nuns of Coimbra, Portugal – nuns who lived there with the surviving Fatima seer. Clearly, they set about this new publication in order to make Sr. Lúcia better known and appreciated. The new work first appeared in Portuguese in 2013, but recently, has been published in English by the World Apostolate of Fatima.

At the time of the revelation, Sr. Lucia was troubled about a request by the Bishop of Leria to write down what she had been given about the ‘secret’ Fatima prophecy, somehow finding herself unable to convey her knowledge to paper.
On 3 January, 1944, as she knelt before the tabernacle in the convent chapel, asking Jesus to make His Will known to her, Our Lady appeared, and told her not to be afraid. “Be at peace and write what they command you,” Our Lady said, “but not what you were given to understand of its meaning.”

Then, Sr. Lucia said: “I felt my spirit flooded by a light-filled mystery which is God, and in Him I saw and heard: the point of the flame-like lance which detaches, touches the axis of the earth, which shakes: mountains, cities, towns and villages with their inhabitants are buried. The sea, rivers and clouds leave their bounds, overflow, flood and drag with them into a whirlpool, houses and people in uncountable numbers. It is the purification of the world from the sin it is immersed in. Hatred, ambition, cause destructive wars.” Then after this, she heard the words: “in time, one faith, one baptism, one Church, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. Heaven in eternity,” which filled her with peace and happiness.
What is surprising about this is the fact that the Fatima visionary refers to the “purification of the world from the sin it is immersed in” – making it clear that all she had seen – the axis of the earth shaking, mountains falling, cities, towns and villages disappearing; millions of people dying in a frightening inundation of water from the seas, rivers and the clouds – was due to mankind’s sinfulness. Commentators speculate that what is depicted is the effects of an enormous earthquake and mega-tsunami, with landslides, entire countries engulfed and huge waves from which no one can escape.Is this not what Christina Gallagher has been shown several times, and written and spoken about? Almost a decade before the worst tsunami in recorded history – in the Indian Ocean in 2004 – the deadly event was shown to the Irish visionary, and she documented it. And recall how she related soon after, in early 2005, that a much worse catastrophe, with an earthquake and tsunami of gigantic proportions would occur, devastating large parts of Africa and Australia, and causing enormous loss of life. “The vacuum caused by the earthquake will pull huge portions of land and property into the sea. No equipment in existence will be able to record the enormity of these events,” she said.
It was then also that she was made aware that earthquakes would cause a tsunami-type wave to come over Ireland and various other countries, and was shown floods increasing everywhere, “leading to a deluge” and water permanently encroaching upon parts of countries, with Europe and the world affected.

The Irish visionary has always understood and has warned that all the increasing devastation and disastrous events were due to sin, and the widespread rejection of God and of His commandments. “The fullness of what is imminent can be explained only as the hand of God coming on the earth in justice and all will see this being proven,” Christina said in 2005. ” But only the wise will be able to see the truth, the foolish will not listen until it is too late.” The only weapons were sincere prayer, and Our Lady’s sacramentals, she added.

Many years before, on 8 August, 1991 Our Lady had told Christina: “My children will lament for not responding to my call. The great deluge is at hand.”  During this message, Our Lady wept, as she described how the Irish people, so dear to her Maternal Heart, were not responding to “my call, for the salvation of your souls, and to save your isle.”
Before this, it was not known that the Fatima visionary was told anything about the earth’s “axis”. But all who know the messages received by Christina Gallagher will realise that Jesus told her in 1999, how people should lament for their sins, that His justice was upon the world and advised her: “It is not you they despise, but Me and the Truth you bear.”
And He added: “The axis of the world is My arm. The sin which fumigates the world, corrodes it. Soon the world will be plunged into the depths of its sin and drink of its own bitterness.”

Years earlier, in a 1991 vision which left her shaken, the visionary saw Jesus holding up the globe of the world, and then saw the world held up by a single, crumbling pillar, as Our Lady said:  “The world is help up by pillars. The Pillar is Jesus Christ. The pillars are about to fall. My Divine Son is soon releasing His hand, the Pillar of God. The world will be plunged into the depths of its sin, and drink of its bitterness.”  As we’ve said, the newest Fatima revelations only serve to confirm the authenticity of what Christina Gallagher has sought to propagate, but now, Jesus has told her: “The time is NOW.” The world has already been plunged into the depths of its own sin, and its purification has already begun….
Article from ‘Ireland’s Eye’ Magazine – Issue June 2015