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Young Man’s Life totally changed at House of Prayer Achill – May 2013

Many hundreds give witness to gifts of conversion and testimonies of spiritual healing involving Christina Gallahger and her mission are recorded at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill, in Ireland. Just some of testimonies of those who have given withness are detailed  here on this archive. Fr Gerard McGinnity PhD is spiritual director of Christina Gallagher.

Young Man’s Life totally changed after visit to the House of Prayer in Achill in May 2013


Alan gives witness of his conversion to the crowds gathered at the House of Prayer for Youth Day in October 2013

A YOUNG Dublin man (left),  who lost two of his older brothers to drugs, one from an overdose of heroin, the other from drug abuse also, and who himself was daily taking drugs and unable to kick the habit, visited Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in Achill on May 2012 after being urged by a friend to go there.

While praying the Rosary at the May 26th, Saturday night vigil, he had an extraordinary experience, which brought him to uncontrollable tears, and the realisation that some great change had taken place within him. Immediately, and inexplicably he instantly and totally lost his dependence on drugs and instead gained a total conversion. Now he prays and goes daily to Mass and Holy Communion and has joined the Legion of Mary in recent weeks.

The conversion testimony given by him on July 25th 2012 in the House of Prayer in Achill before the capacity attendance at Fraternity Day was greeted with applause by the many hundreds present, proving an inspiring and emotional occasion for many of them, helping young people faced with problems of modern living and the adverse effects of unhealthy peer pressure.

The young Dubliner explained: “May 26th, 2012 was my first visit to the House of Prayer in Achill. Up to then, I had no faith, and my only prayers were at funerals.”

“I lost my two brothers to drugs. My first brother died aged 23 years. He led a life of madness and took an overdose of heroin. He died in 2001.”

“My second brother died aged 33 years. He fell into the wrong company and started on drugs. On August 26 2006, he passed away from drug abuse.”

“It was about 2003 I started taking drugs myself. I had control of it at the start but then after years of taking drugs, it took control of me. I started to feel very sick, but I could not kick the habit, because I was hooked. I lost a lot of weight, and all I had on my mind was drugs, and this did not go away.”


“Then, this year, a good friend also from Dublin, told me about the House of Prayer in Achill, and urged me to go there. I decided to give it a go, as I was told that the strong presence of Our Lady was there.”

“I came to the House about two months ago, on Saturday May 26th 2012. I did not feel anything during the day until the Night Vigil. It was then, as I was praying the Rosary that I just closed my eyes, when some very strong and powerful sensation went through my whole body, and I was brought to tears. I cried and cried… I knew some great change had taken place within my entire being.”

“From that moment onward, over the last two months, I have had no urge to touch drugs, thank God,” he explained. “Not just that, but I have had the desire for daily Mass, Holy Communion, Prayer, the Rosary” he added, explaining how he had gone back to God and received the sacraments. “More recently I have joined the Legion of Mary.”

“I have so much to thank Our Lady Queen of Peace for and the House of Prayer. My plan is to come here on a regular basis. I also wish to thank Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity for their wonderful example of faith and prayer. I am eager to come and learn all I can about my faith, all praise to God and to His Blessed Mother,” he concluded.


This striking testimony of healing and conversion is just one of the latest among many hundreds involving Christina Gallagher and her apostolate, and recorded at the House of Prayer in Achill for nearly two decades. Others have been noted at the chain Houses of Prayer overseas. Some of the healings and conversion occurred years before the House of Prayer was opened at Achill Sound in July 1993. All these recorded heavenly ‘signs’ – totaling more than seven hundred – are plain proof of the authenticity of the messages received from Our Lady and Jesus since 1988.

God gives such signs – in the shape of miraculous healings, conversion and extraordinary graces – only to demonstrate that the messages received by a prophet or mystic, are authentic, and worthy of acceptance. In any apparitions or messages deemed to be genuine, nothing new is ever added to the deposit of faith or to Church doctrine, but in times of special spiritual need, a merciful God instructs, directs and warns His children, and clearly shows them the way back to Him – and Our Lady is God’s perfect instrument in all this.

Article published in Ireland’s Eye Magazine, August 2012

Official Website for Christina Gallagher  :  www.christinagallagher.org

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