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I WAS CURED OF CANCER IN ACHILL HOUSE OF PRAYER – Reported in the The Daily Mirror (London, England) August 24, 2002

The following article by Elaine Edwards was published in the Daily Mirror in England on August 24th 2002

Kathleen O'Sullivan at the House of Prayer Achill giving witness to her cure from pancreatic cancer

Kathleen O’Sullivan at the House of Prayer Achill giving witness to her cure from pancreatic cancer through the prayers of Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity

A WOMAN doctors said was dying of cancer told for the first time yesterday how a visit to the House of Prayer Achill cured her. Kathleen O’Sullivan believed she had only weeks to live when she went to see Christina Gallagher on Achill Island off Co Mayo. She had a tumour on her pancreas and doctors told her she was going to die. But the cancer disappeared after her visit to the island.

And a doctor, Michael Anketell, who has examined Kathleen’s medical records has hailed her recovery a “miracle”. Mother-of-six Kathleen from Listowel, Co Kerry, had wasted away to five stone when she made the trip in June 1997 shortly after she was diagnosed. She said:  “I was extremely ill with only weeks to live but I decided to go with my husband Donal to Achill.”I was so sick it took us three days to make the journey. I had to lie in the back of the car covered in a duvet. I was extremely weak and could hardly walk. Christina Gallagher, who runs the House of Prayer, put out her hands and hugged me, then a priest blessed me. I had never met her before that. I left Achill that day and felt a great sense of peace.”

She said her health improved rapidly after the visit and she knew the cancer was disappearing.

A year later, cancer consultant Dr Anketell rang her because he wanted to bring his mother to Achill. He said he was sceptical about her story, but got permission to access her medical records. He was astonished when he saw the result of a new scan which he said showed no traces of cancer. Dr Anketell is investigating the cases of three other patients who claim they were healed at the House of Prayer.  Kathleen said: “I’m speaking out to give hope to others who are suffering and to highlight the fact that the House of Prayer in Achill is a place of peace and hope.”The Daily Mirror contacted the House of Prayer yesterday to ask Christina Gallagher about the “miracle”. But a spokeswoman said: “Ms Gallagher does not come to the phone. If she did she would be here all day.”More than 5,000 people flocked to the House of Prayer last month for a day of prayer after Gallagher predicted a special vision. They believed they would see an apparition of the Virgin, but instead were given a message that the world was filled with evil and sin. People claiming miracle cures addressed the crowd, with one woman claiming her unborn baby had been pronounced dead but had come back to life after her visit.A statement from Ms Gallagher was read over loudspeakers by a female assistant. The crowd was told: “Many calamities are on the way to  purify  the stench of sin and evil from the world. Storms will affect many in the world. Storms such as the world has not seen. You must be vigilant in prayer. I will be close to each one of you who has responded to my invitation. I will always be close to your hearts. You will have great upheavals in the world. The restlessness in the world will increase each day through the work of the evil one.” [from messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace]Extra Gardai were drafted in to control the flow of visitors’ cars from all over Ireland and abroad.Kathleen, who now enjoys full health, runs a B&B with her husband.

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